About Us

In today’s fast paced world, there is constant demand for high levels of productivity and it is essential, not just for attaining top performance but even to get by and cope with daily expectations.

Medical experts have confirmed that one’s state of physical wellbeing is a big contributor to one’s level of productivity. It is also known that more people are experiencing pain in their bodies as a result of the work equipment and materials they use, according to Staples Business Resource; 86% of office workers say that they have experienced soreness or strain because of their office equipment or furniture.

Total Ergonomic is a one-stop platform positioned to provide you with unique ergonomic work materials like furniture and accessories that would help reduce body pains and improve physical wellbeing as you strive to achieve stellar performance in your endeavours.

As a customer-centric, data driven business, we carried out a survey exercise and the responses show that;

Here is the catch, at Total Ergonomic, we can relate with our responders above, why, because we are first humans before business owners.

Our VISION is bold;

We constantly strive to be number one brand that ensures high productivity of our customers by providing quality and affordable ergonomic products in a timely manner.

And we have a clear MISSION;

To use intelligence to drive product listing that will exceed the expectations of our customers. In addition, we seek to carefully partner with tier-1 brands that can deliver top-notch products. Lastly, we invest qualitatively on our platform and team to guarantee exceptional customer experience – from visiting our store to order fulfillment.